사진작가   李 垣 錫

There were a beautiful landscape my dad put on the wall,
and I looking at it across from a table and having mom's tasty foods.
Almost everyday, I start picking up a spoon in the painting.
My happiness might have been made, perhaps, from my dining table
in my childhood. The picture on the table has become the beginning
and the goal of my art works.

아버지께서 벽에 걸어주셨던 아름다운 풍경화.
맞은편 식탁에서 그림을 보며, 어머니께서 만들어주신
맛있는 음식을 먹고 있는 나.
매일같이 나는 그림 속에서 첫수저를 들었다.
아마도 나의 행복은 밥상에서 만들져가고 있었을런지 모른다.
어릴적 행복했던 나의 밥상.
그 밥상 위의 그림은 나의 예술의 시작이자 목적이 되어버렸다.

studio kariyas CEO
sungkyunkwan university lecturer
studio v1 chief
EBS photography PANEL

YTN photography PANEL

SONY academy lecturer
SONY photography artist

Hongik University M.F.A In Photography
Kaywon University B.F.A In Photography 

Chromatology Award winning the grand prize
Hewlett Packard Award winning the grand prize
The Chosunilbo Award winning the grand prize

2006' korea international art fair (KIAF) - coex
2006' seoul art fair of identity in art & culture (SIAC) - coex
2006' "we have a nuclear weapon exhibition" - dong-duk art gallery
2007' invitation exhibition for sony hdslr - millennium hilton hotel
2007' styleimpact 1st group exhibition - the space chung-dam art gallery
2008' styleimpact 2nd tomboy designed group exhibtion - tomboy head office
2008' "the city" exhibition - lotte hotel
2011' styleimpact 3rd group exhibition - space [lou:] art gallery    
2012‘ "3人의 視線 sea and portrait " group exhibition - bon gallery


sony academy chief lecturer
educational broadcasting system (EBS TV) photography lecturer
korea national open university network (OUN TV) photography lecturer
jae neung education broadcasting (JEI TV) photography lecturer
ministry of public administration and security photography lecturer
samsung group human resources development institute photography lecturer
lg group photography lecturer
naver photography lecturer
sungkyunkwan university lecturer
sungkyunkwan university academy photography lecturer
seoul gangnam boda artcenter photography lecturer

a pictorial history of 20 years " Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology"
a pictorial history of 55 years " Hannam University"

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